Wheelchair Repair and Modification

Wheelchair modification repair Sydney

Wheelchair repair in seven hills, Sydney.

Experienced and known for our Sydney wheelchair repair and Modification services as we offer specialist services to all types of Wheelchair modifications.

Based in Sydney, we have over 10 years of experience working with stainless steel, aluminium, and other metal-related products, so we can easily repair and modify the wheelchairs no matter what the requirement.

Why you should choose Metalcore wheelchair services?

A wide range of experience

Our experts have a wide range of experience as they have been dealing with wheelchairs for a long time. Our team is experienced because they have practical hands-on experience in the Sydney wheelchair repair and modification industry.

Our team is dedicated as we always try to provide comfortable and convenient solutions. Any time you want us to go to a particular home address, school, or a care facility, we will be there for you. As a wheelchair repair in seven hills, we are one of the best you will come across.

Creative solutions

If you require urgent wheelchair repair or modification, we have got you covered. We provide temporary fixes to even the seemingly impossible situations. We are a unique wheelchair repair Sydney has to offer.

We work with the original suppliers

We try to provide you with a seamless equipment repair service, as we never hesitate to contact the original supplier of your equipment and working with them. For us, customer satisfaction is most important so we don’t mind working with other bodies to make sure your wheelchair is functioning properly.

Ensure user comfort

Most of the times during the repair on supportive wheelchairs, seating position needs to be altered. You can be assured that our technicians are not than repairers as they have had several experiences of correcting any possible change that might occur with the seating. As one of the best wheelchair modification Sydney companies, we guarantee that every client will be comfortable. Our team has extensive expertise so that will ensure that all the equipment they are servicing is comfortable for the user.

Request a quote

For a quick estimated quote, you can send us some detail and description about the project and will get back to you with an estimated costing.

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