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Who We Are

Metalcore is Sydney’s well-respected steel, aluminium, metal manufacturer and fabricator

Metalcore is Sydney’s most renowned and well-respected metal/steel/aluminium/metal manufacturer and fabricator. For over 10 years, Metalcore has served clients all over Sydney and Australia. This has helped us reach great heights and become the major name that we are today.

If you are running a commercial or industrial company of any type in Sydney, chances are that you might find yourself looking at stainless steel fabrication Sydney services, or metal fabrication Sydney services, or products that are created from that process at some point of time.

Stainless steel needs work to be done at a lower temperature to protect the stainless steel’s integrity. That is why a lot of companies look for steel fabricators Sydney services or metal fabricators Sydney services in the area nearby. Using the work hardening process, these fabricators bring strength and corrosion resistance to the processed steel. There is a wide range of uses for stainless steel as it can be used from architectural projects to commercial projects to industrial projects and more. Even crushing machines, truck toolboxes, and shelving can be formed using stainless steel.

If you begin looking for the top stainless steel fabricators Sydney is known for, you will definitely come across Metalcore as we are one of the best and most reliable around. When you’re busy surfing the web and looking for results to “best steel fabricators near me”, be sure to choose a company that has experience working with the metal. At Metalcore, we have experts who have worked with stainless steel and other metals for decades.

20 + Years of Experience!

At Metalcore, we have over 20-years of experience in this business. Throughout the years, we have managed to develop a reputation for finishing projects with quick turnaround no matter how complex the projects are. We specialise in steel, aluminium, and metal as we take varying projects from industrial and commercial clients. However, we also work with the general public and residential builders on their projects. At our company, you will find the best metal fabricators Sydney has to offer as they know the differences between the structural steels and stainless steels or aluminium and are well accustomed to the process used to create with each metal.

Services we provide at Metalcore!

As we specialise in providing complete, cost-efficient steel fabrication solutions, you are guaranteed fast turnarounds, competitive rates, and builders trade prices. As we are a highly experienced name in this industry, we can proudly supply services for industrial, residential, retail, and commercial sectors in Sydney.

Metalcore Sydney Services
Sydney staircase and handrail fabrication

Staircase & Handrails

At Metalcore, you can get high-quality galvanised, powder-coated, or stainless steel for your staircase or handrails.

Sydney balustrade fabrication


We also provide a wide range of Balustrades ranging from Aluminium Balustrades to Galvanised Balustrade to Stainless steel Balustrade. You can even get Frameless Balustrades and Glazed Balustrades.

Sydney structural steel fabrication

Structural Steel Fabrication

Our structural steel fabrication is supported up to 20 tonnes.

Sydney metal stainless steel aluminium fabrication

Metal/Stainless steel/aluminium Fabrication

We are Metalcore and we are widely regarded as one of the best custom metal fabricators in Sydney. We are also known for our expertise in stainless steel fabrication and aluminium fabrication.

Sydney welding services

Welding Services

Any kind of welding is undertaken and seamlessly performed at Metalcore. We are known for our Aluminium (Tig& pulse welding), Mild Steel (Arc. Mig welding), Stainless steel (Tig& Pulse welding), and cast iron welding.

Sydney sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabrication supports Aluminium (up to 10mm), mild steel (up to 12mm), and stainless steel (up to 6mm).

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