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Structural steel fabricators in Sydney

Structural steel fabricators in Sydney.

We are Metalcore, a major name in the steel fabrication industry. We are one of the best structural steel fabrication Sydney is known for as we have clients all over the city. From Zinc Anneal sheet to angle, we have everything you require to work with steel.

We are the leading structural steel fabricators and suppliers of not just structural steel but aluminium, stainless steel, and metal in Australia as well. We carry an extensive range of structural steel beams, parallel flange channel, tapered flange beams, and C channel steel for the different projects undertaken by architects and builders. With our versatility, we are able to meet the needs of the easy as well as the complex construction projects.

Often, we are one of the first choices of steel fabricators for Sydney’s largest construction companies, and we provide the clients with exceptional service and efficient value for money.

And we do...

Universal Beams

Our universal beams are fabricated to serve a dual purpose. They don’t just provide structural support but they also effectively hold the buildings together during any unfortunate event of severe shock/force. The beams are useful in horizontal applications (i.e. roof support), and a lot of times they are used in conjunction with columns. They offer strong resistance against twisting and bending. At Metalcore, we fabricate universal beams from only the high-quality steel in all the popular sizes and this enables us to provide a faster turn-around time to keep your project on track for major success.

With our structural steel fabrication services in Sydney we try to comply with or even exceed Australian Standards (AS). If possible, we always try to assist our clients with custom requests.

Universal Columns

Also referred to as “H” beams, the universal columns are useful in providing structural support. They are also used for carrying vertical loads. Steel is known for its tensile and compressive properties, and the universal columns are designed to withstand compressive loads that are on the heavier side. Universal columns can be easily found in most parts of Sydney within the bridges, warehouses, factories, residential buildings, and more. Structural steel can be useful in a wide range of industries including mining, engineering, storage, transport, commercial construction, residential construction, and the manufacturing industry. At Metalcore, we fabricate structural steel of all the popular sizes to suit all the applications.

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